Wishlist: Tabular reports should be able to use a flag type as one of the axes




8 years ago
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8 years ago
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Currently, tabular reports can use many different built-in categorical fields (e.g. product, version, OS, etc) for the axes. Each flag type can also be considered a categorical field, with values: "+", "-", "?", and blank. I propose that the list of categories one can choose for an axis, also include all the flag types in the installation of Bugzilla.

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8 years ago
Well, I think at least "Flags" is a reasonable axis to add, and it could work in the way you describe. Having all flags as columns might be overkill unless we modified the report generation UI in some way to make that work a bit better.
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Comment 2

8 years ago
You can't use "Flags" as an axis, because there could be many flag types, each with +, -, or ?. So you can have an exponential number of combinations of values from the flag types, and the result isn't very meaningfull.

Did you read the description above? There is nothing about "columns". I suggested having each flag type be potentially choosable as one of the three *axes* for the tabular report.

Comment 3

8 years ago
Hey spoon. Sorry about being unclear--"columns" are what we call them in the backend, but yes, I meant axises.

There could indeed be many combinations for "Flags" as a column, but that heavily depends on the product in use and how they are using Flags, and how many are in the search results. So as a first step for implementing this, "Flags" would be a broad, general-purpose solution, and then the ability to display individual flags would be a later implementation.
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