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Owner Nick showing incorrectly in the user list


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Owner of the channel shows up as @nick instead of the proper colored @ nick it should. Also, sometimes they show as "online" in this method even if they aren't really online.

Oh, and you also cannot PM the person via rightclicking their name if it is like that.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Chatzilla
2. Open Channels
3. Look at the Channel User List.
Actual Results:  
Sometimes it shows properly, sometimes the channel owner doesn't show, and most of the time it shows as it does in the picture.

Expected Results:  
It should show up as the proper, colored, @ nick like all the other Ops do.

Light Motif, default size/color. Currently collapsed messages, but it happened before that, too.
The server is likely mis-informing ChatZilla of supported channel user modes or otherwise messing up the IRC protocol. When you see this situation next, could you run following two commands from that channel and copy the output of both into a comment on this bug:
(The second command might put the output on a different view.)
Supports gave me this: 
[INFO]	Supported channel types: &, #
	[INFO]	Supported channel modes (A: lists): a, b, e, h, I, M, o, u, v, z
	[INFO]	Supported channel modes (B: param): k
	[INFO]	Supported channel modes (C: on-param): f, J, l, L
	[INFO]	Supported channel modes (D: boolean): c, C, d, g, i, j, K, m, n, N, O, p, q, r, R, s, t, T, x
	[INFO]	Supported channel user modes: u (.), o (@), h (%), v (+)
	[INFO]	This server DOES support: excepts, invex, knock, map, noquit, rpl_isupport, safelist, userip, wallchops
	[INFO]	This server DOESN'T support:
	[INFO]	Server settings/limits: casemapping=rfc1459, chanmodes=abehIMouvz,k,fJlL,cCdgijKmnNOpqrRstTx, channellen=200, chantypes=&#, charset=rfc1459, chidlen=5, kicklen=307, maxbans=100, maxchannels=50, modes=12, network=SWC-IRC, nicklen=30, prefix=(uohv).@%+, silence=10, topiclen=307, watch=128

Names gave me this:
===	#nagatee: @Padme_Traner .@Drael @Kit_Lorcan
	---	#nagatee: End of /NAMES list.
OK, the problem is the IRC server is incorrectly sending the names list using the NAMESX extension but NOT advertising that it uses the NAMESX extension in the connection process or requiring the client to opt-in to it (which ChatZilla will do when advertised correctly).

So, ChatZilla is correct to show Drael as "@Drael" in this case.

Adding the following hack to the network's auto-perform list may help you cope with this broken server:
  /evals e.server.supports.namesx = true
It still isn't working. The command did nothing at all, even with a restart. 

Also some more info,

It tends to not show the channel owner until they've logged on, and then they show correctly, but if I close my computer and not Chatzilla first, then when I open back up, regardless of whether the owner is still on or not they show as in the picture. 

It also happens about 75% of the time if they were logged on before me. It has happened that in one tab, the channel owner is shown as .@Nick and in another channel at the same time, the owner is shown @Nick. When this happens it is before I've done anything but log on and no one else has logged on or off yet.

(In reply to comment #4)
> It still isn't working. The command did nothing at all, even with a restart.
Are you sure you're not entering the command straight into the input bar, but instead adding it into the auto-perform list for that network?
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