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Stop generating 'charCode is meaningless' warnings.


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They fill up the error console from all sorts of sites and can slow down the whole browser if you happen to have the error console open and type on certain sites like an email or chat in gmail.
UI issue, not core issue, I'd think.
Component: DOM: Events → General
Product: Core → Firefox
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Well, we could give the error only once per document - the same way we warn
about boxobject usage.
I'm sure they're actually slowing us down when the console isn't open, just less so: we're still constructing and dispatching the console message.  Can we just disable the warning entirely?  It doesn't seem to be having much effect on Google Docs or Twitter, where I get the warning (twice!) for every keystroke...
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: general → general
I think we should do comment 2.
I think we should really stop emitting these.

They are triggered by libraries like jQuery.  The warning doesn't provide source coordinates, so there's no reasonable way to track them down if you suddenly see them in your app.  It hasn't motivated gmail or twitter or other sites to fix anything ever, as far as I can see.

I'm changing the title here, and I'll find someone to work up a patch.
Summary: Allow 'charCode is meaningless' warnings to be hidden → Stop generating 'charCode is meaningless' warnings.
Attached patch remove not-so-useful warnings (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Apparently I could remove ReportWrongPropertyAccessWarning.
Attached patch remove even moreSplinter Review
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I think this may have L10N impact...
Well, some localizations may now have a string which isn't used.
Removing strings is very low impact, it's fine for that to happen after beta 7.
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