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JM: jsreftest browser crash on e4x/decompilation/regress-352013.js


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The crash is in stubs::Add, where the rval is tagged as a string but has payload 0x1.
What commit was this tested with? fixed a syncing bug in the Add slowpath that sounds like this.
It is in today's tip.

Cause: the fast path for JSOP_(INC|DEC)GLOBAL doesn't store a type tag. So it stores an int payload but leaves a stale type tag.
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I'm not really sure exactly what the conditions on pushNumber are supposed to be, but it seems like something different is wanted by globalinc, so I just made a new function to push an int32.

It looks like this may cost us 1 ms on SS, but it's hard to tell with such a small change. I can file a followup bug on trying out holding the tag in a register after this lands.
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FrameState::pushInt32() is the same as FrameState::pushNumber(foo, true). The problem is just that the true flag was not passed -- causing pushNumber() to mark the typed as synced in memory, when it was never actually written.
Patch implementing above suggestion. The pushInt32() approach might be cleaner -- but then the purpose of pushNumber() is dubious.
There is also the option of pushUntypedPayload(reg, JSVAL_INT32_TAG), which I think used to be used in jsop_globalinc.
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>     /*
>+     * Pushes an int32 onto the operation stack.
>+     */
>+    inline void pushInt32(RegisterID payload);

This should probably say that it's related to pushNumber, and that int32 is a soft guarantee. i.e. "The caller guarantees that an int32 has been pushed on the inline path, and that if a double was written on the OOL path, it has been synced to memory."
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