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MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET should match SDK by default


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We require the 10.6 SDK to build 64-bit on Mac OS X. If you don't specify --enable-macos-target, which sets MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET, then it gets set to 10.5 which is incorrect.

If someone is building a 32-bit build against the 10.6 SDK then MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET should default to 10.6. Right now it would still default to 10.5.
This will often result in unexpectedly misconfigured builds, especially since 2.0 includes 64-bit support which requires the 10.6 SDK. I think this should block 2.0.
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Looks like this is a problem for our 64-bit nightly builds, they are using the default 10.6 SDK but because they don't specify an OS target they are targeting 10.5.
So do you want to set --enable-macos-target in the tinderbox builds, or fix configure, or both ?
We should probably use --enable-macos-target until this bug gets fixed, it'll just become unnecessary when this is fixed.
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If we simply stop defining MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET unless one is specified in the mozconfig we should be fine. Anyone who wants to target an OS that is older than the SDK in use can make it happen explicitly in their mozconfig.
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Alternatively we could do something like this, which is just an improvement on our current strategy.
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fix v2.0

This is more akin to our WIN32_TARGET setup, and should help people ensure that they don't accidentally use 10.6-only features while we're still supporting 10.5 without having to manually specify the 10.5 SDK.
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