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Inline (again) string constructors and destructors


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We took these out of line to reduce codesize, and performance was a wash on our macrobenchmarks.  Inlining them wins us 10% on getAttribute microbenchmarks nowadays.... which means in practice around 25ns per call to getAttribute on my hardware.

The ifdefs aren't pretty; I didn't have any better ideas, though.
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Like so

remove the GCC 3.3 workaround: I'd prefer to break OS/2 than to have ifdefed constructor styles.
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OK, with that change

Gah, ok. We can get rid of the ifdefs as soon as we require libxul (which will be soon after branch). File a followup, please.
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Is it possible to make further savings by moving the destructor so that classes such as nsDependentString that don't need it, don't have one?
In the current string code, nsDependentString is really only a constructor and not a useful static type, I think; I don't recall anything that prevents one from being assigned-to.
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How would libxul let us get rid of the ifdefs?  We'd still need to add more includes for that ctor body to compile, right?
Summary: [FIX]Inline (again) string constructors and destructors → Inline (again) string constructors and destructors
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Yes, and I'm perfectly fine with that.
Ah, ok.  Gotcha.
Filed bug 584726.
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Seems to give a .5-1% codesize increase and 1-3% overall Dromaeo performance win.
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