add global remote webgl killswitch




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Firefox Tracking Flags

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Add option:

WebGL Internets
[x] On
[ ] Off

This is the nuclear option, of course, and we're unlikely to use it.  But we should have the capability just in case.
what do you mean by "remote" kill switch?

Let's say it's tied in with the blocklist. The fastest we'd get people updated is about a day, assuming we don't spend a day agonizing over whether whatever problem it is is worth using the creepy global killswitch.

A simple pref, on the other hand, allows some users to flip it immediately when they hear the news, and we can ship an update that flips the pref default in fairly short order: about a day from when we decide, most users updated a day or two after that.

We already have the pref "webgl.enabled_for_all_sites". I'd love to see some UI around prefs for advanced features like this, downloadable fonts, hardware acceleration, video, and similar (maybe a new pane in the "Advanced" category) but it seems a bit creepy to be controlling it remotely from Mozilla HQ.
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Whiteboard: [ddn]
It's been 16 months since this bug was filed.  Closing as incomplete.
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