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menuitem is always enabled


(Firefox :: Menus, defect)

Not set




(Reporter: msucan, Unassigned)


(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [kd4b6])

When the patch of bug 574036 is applied, a new context menu (a menupopup) is added to the WebConsole. This menupopup holds a menuitem defined as follows:

menuitem.setAttribute("label", this.getStr("copyCmd.label"));
menuitem.setAttribute("accesskey", this.getStr("copyCmd.accesskey"));
menuitem.setAttribute("key", "key_copy");
menuitem.setAttribute("command", "cmd_copy");

It is expected that the menuitem is automatically disabled when there is no selection, just like the Edit > Copy menuitem. However, on Linux this does not happen.

(this is a follow-up bug report, on solving the problem with the menuitem behavior on Linux.)
Whiteboard: [kd4b6]
is this linux only or are we seeing it on other platforms?
Initially, it did seem Linux only. However, once we pushed the test code into m-c, we also saw failures on Windows machines.
No longer blocks: 574036
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