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Disable some c++ unit tests (TestCSSPropertyLookup, TestWinDND) in static builds due to compilation failures


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I was hoping not to have to do this, but I for Thunderbird we're hooking up a new try server and will be doing some packaged tests - which will be the first time we've had tests on try, and we are hoping it will cut down review time and reduce errors before landing (and then I can get onto sorting out libxul builds).

In any case, to get our new packaged try server Windows builds completing with --enable-tests, we need to disable a couple of c++ unit tests (make check) in mozilla-central. I see no harm in doing this as they are disabled for libxul anyway.

Patch attached to do the disabling.
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The fix

We really need a better way to do C++ unit tests in general.
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The fix

I quite agree.

Requesting approval for this build-config only patch which won't change the Firefox build.
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The fix

So actually looking at the tree rules, this appears to come under the test-only banner as it only affects build config in test specific directories. Therefore cancelling approval request.
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