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Mail bloat tests need upgrading to account for manifest changes


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Thunderbird 3.3a1


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The recent manifest changes to only read from specific manifest files mean that the mail bloat tests (which were creating their own .manifest file and putting it into the chrome directory) are now broken.

These need upgrading so we can get the tree green again.

What I've done:

- Made mail bloat into an extension. The extension now does the required registrations, and it also contains the preferences file (previously the preferences file was put into the created profile folder, but this is probably simpler).

- Removed the mailnews/test/performance/common code, moving the preferences to the bloat directory. This just makes it a simpler set up, and reflects the fact that nothing else is currently using those preferences.

- Does away with the additional setup scripts - these are no longer required now that we can just use automation.installExtension.

Requesting review from Justin, as I think he's got the experience to review all of this. Though others can jump in as well if they can get to it before him.
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The fix

bwinton's given me r over irc for this.
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> The fix
> bwinton's given me r over irc for this.

I'll still review... sorry for the delay though [stupid actual bustages delayed me]
Hrm, I checked this in a while ago, closing (Callek is welcome to add comments if necessary).
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