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Clusters do not get cleared with switching Sync profiles


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I run into 401 cluster errors when switching and syncing different profiles.  As zandr points out, its likely because the clusters aren't clearing out correctly after disconnect.

1) install sync 1.4.4b2 and sync with accountA
2) check activity log and note which cluster it sync'd on (eg.
3) disconnect, then change profiles and log in with a accountB, and connect
4) Verify activity log throws an error and retries with a different cluster:

GET fail 401
Finding cluster for user fennecqa
GET success 200
cluster value =

- disconnecting accountA and connecting accountB should not fail a 401 due to last known good cluster for that account
This sounds like the client not clearing the URL when we switch profiles, so I don't think it's a server issue.
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Er, we wipe all user prefs on start over, which is where we store the cluster, so this shouldn't happen.  Unless "change profiles" means "use a different, already-configured profile with a different account" in which case this would only be an issue if profiles were generally horked.

Note that we've migrated a bunch of users around the cluster, so if the profile was stale, that'd be possibly-expected... can you repro this from scratch?  And can you verify that the 401 is on the same shard as account A was using?
i shoulda add the minor detail that this was using the Fennec Sync client to test this.   

I just checked desktop firefox, and it seems to clear clusters just fine.  (services.sync.clusterURL gets reset)
The Fennec UI doesn't call Weave.Service.startOver() when the account changes. That means it engines aren't being reset either.
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Patch based on some discussion with friendly #labs people
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Filed follow up bug 586615 for the add-on, moving this bug to the Fennec -> Sync component.
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