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Key assigned to toggle toolbar doesn't show in Firefox toolbar menus


(Firefox :: Toolbars and Customization, defect)

Windows 7





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Let's say we have the following XUL code:

<toolbox id="navigator-toolbox">
  <toolbar id="example_toolbar" class="chromeclass-toolbar"
  toolbarname="Example" key="example_key_toggle_toolbar"
  chromeclass="toolbar" defaultset="" context="toolbar-context-menu"/>
<keyset id="mainKeyset">
  <key id="example_key_toggle_toolbar" keycode="VK_F9" keytext="F9"
<commandset id="mainCommandSet">
  <command id="example_command_toggle_toolbar"

The name of the toolbar will automatically show up as a menu item in both the View > Toolbars menu and the toolbars' context menu, allowing the toolbar to be shown or hidden. However the Firefox code that is adding the toolbar to the menus does not appear to be checking if the toolbar has a key assigned to it and then displaying the key's shortcut alongside the menuitem label.

I realise that we could simply include the key shortcut in the name of the toolbar but it would be nice if this was fixed so that it appears as a proper menu shortcut.

Reproducible: Always
Severity: normal → S3
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