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8 years ago
When viewing messages threaded, sorted by date, there should be an option to sort threads by the oldest message in the thread. Currently, the only option sorts by the date of newest message in the thread.

The use case for this kind of sort is mailing lists where some members don't reply properly, thus breaking up threads. In this scenario, when someone on the list starts a new thread which is really a reply to an existing thread, the "reply" shows up sorted before the thread it should follow.

The only disadvantage to this sort is that the thread could change position in the sort if the first message is deleted. Not a big problem if you ask me.
If, whilst viewing threaded, you go to View -> Sort and select "Order Received" does that do what you want?

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8 years ago
Hmmm... I think so. I'm guessing "order received" corrects for time zone whereas "date" is sorted by the local time of the sender. It's interesting that sort-by-order-received sorts by the oldest message in the thread and sort-by-date sorts by the newest. Anyhow, it looks like this does what I want. Resolved invalid.

I'm not sure it's not totally clear to the end user what the difference is between sort by date and sort by order received (but that's potentially another bug).

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