TabCandy "stacks" appear at different sizes depending on # of tabs in set



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I have two tabsets shrunk down to the same size -- the one with three tabs flipped over to "stack" appearance at that size, but the one with two tabs didn't.  Maybe at a certain size, regardless of how many tabs are in the set, a tabset appearance should switch to "stack"?


8 years ago
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Our algorithm first figures out how small all the tab thumbnails must be in order to fit unstacked, and if that tab thumbnail size is below a certain threshold, we stack. This algorithm naturally means that if you have more tabs, even for larger groups, you can force it to stack, and that stacking isn't determined by the group size alone. This is expected behavior.

Assigning to Aza, requesting wontfix.
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While I understand your position, a user (like me) might want to organize her tabs all into stacks.  It's impossible to make a nice, tidy, consistent Panorama view this way, if stacks appear at different sizes like this.

I'm likely to end up with some 20 or 30 tab groups, and it would be really nice if I could set them all into stacks that I could then arrange in a nice consistent grid so I can develop muscle memory about where each stack is over time.

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8 years ago
Hi Deb,

I can understand your position, but it would lead to odd edge cases where the tabs would be too small to be useful when you have lots of tabs.

This seems like a good thing for an extension to play around with.
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Ah well, I tried.  Thanks :)

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8 years ago
Totally appreciate it, Deb :)
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