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QA distribution.js for partner repacks with Firefox 4.0


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Howdy folks,

This is primarily a QA metabug, so I'm assigning it to Tomcat, but there's probably general interest around it, and this is the only component for customized builds. I've prepped some initial 4.0 partner repacks, based on our existing core set, and would like to start testing on them ASAP. Full sets are not available, as the betas aren't being pushed with all locales yet (the notable missing locale at this point is en-GB). That said, I'd like to start testing the 4.0 betas to ensure the customizations module doesn't get horked along the way.

There's a number of items to test, including the following:

- <appdir>/distribution/bundle testing, to ensure add-ons in the bundle directory are still loaded properly
- add-on installer testing
- bookmark generation, both for the bookmark toolbar and menu, including folders and sub-folders
- testing of [Global] parameters in about->help and AUS %distribution% strings
- testing of AUS and blocklist channel variables from the app.partner.* preference
- preferences and localized preferences, and trying to hit testing as many of the common prefs we set as possible. With the startup optimization work that's being done, it's possible module load sequences will change, which could mean defaults trumping customized prefs.
- search plugin additions, per (e.g. common plug-ins, locale-specific plugins, and mixed-case) 
- testing of the partner-repack scripts to take in the changes that omnijar will bring (most notably moving distribution out of nonlocalized 
- testing of existing builds against established/expected results
- update and upgrade testing, including fallback (e.g. unsigned executables, extra directories in the appdir, etc.)

Note that the existing partner repacks don't cover all the cases above. I'll cruft some distributions that will give things a better workout, and attach the distribution customizations to this bug. In the interim, 4.0b3 repacks - for available locales - can be downloaded from (note that these builds are password-protected, as they are not signed/official releases).

We'll also need to test and modify the partner repack script when omnijar lands the changes that move the distribution directory from nonlocalized to core with the win32 installers (see

Tomcat, could you start the initial testing, and as part of this we really need to get the unit tests documented so they can be added to general product QA. I'll add a couple of unbranded builds that can be used as a reference test by the end of the week, as well. I'll use this as a tracker/meta bug for anything that crops up.
working on it!
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