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Progress bar appears under wrong add-on when installing from search list


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the add-on panel.
2. Do a search that returns more than one result.
3. Tap an add-on that is *not* the first result, and press "Add to Fennec."

Expected results: Progress bar appears under the selected add-on and shows installation progress.

Actual results: One progress bar appears under the selected add-on and stays empty; a second progress bar appears under the first add-on in the list and shows progress.  (But after restart, the selected add-on is installed.)
Assignee: mbrubeck → wjohnston
Attached patch Use sourceURI.spec... sometimes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This bug was fallout from bug 575463, which changed sourceURL to sourceURI. I'm not really sure how it was working before though.

When we originally create the items we have access to the extension id ( We used that as the ID of the richlistitems. When the download progress events fire, we don't have access to the id (fallout from 575463?), just the URL we're downloading from, so we can't find the items.

This patch changes the manager to use the source url for the richlistitem if we have an install object. Otherwise, it uses the extension id. Not sure if that's the perfect solution. Glad to hear if there's a better way.
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Use sourceURI.spec... sometimes

>   _createItem: function ev__createItem(aAddon, aTypeName) {
>     let item = document.createElement("richlistitem");
>-    item.setAttribute("id", PREFIX_ITEM_URI +;
>+    let itemID = PREFIX_ITEM_URI;
>+    if(aAddon.install)
>+      itemID += aAddon.install.sourceURI.spec;
>+    else
>+      itemID +=;
>+    item.setAttribute("id", itemID);

I think we don't need to change this

sourceURL is set when we list addons in a search results. See:

"addon.install.sourceURL" should probably be "addon.install.sourceURI.spec"

getElementForAddon will look in the "sourceURL" is needed:
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Whoops. Thanks.
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