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This is a tracking bug for the localization of the whatsnew page for Firefox 4
beta 4. This bug is for all locales that had a beta 3 release.

Individual per locale bugs will be filed as dependencies of this bug.

The whatsnew beta 3 page is split in 2 tasks:
- translation of the page itself : /firefox/4beta/whatsnew/content-beta4.html
- translation of the subtitles for two videos:

The sync video subtitles are the ones we had for beta 3 but were not used because Sync was not shipped for that release, if you had translated it for beta 3, no need to do anything on this one, it is the same file renamed. Same with the Sync description which is already integrated in your beta4 html file if you had translated it for beta3.

The second video is about tabcandy.

You will note that the l10n/videos/ folder is new, all subtitles on mozilla.com will be stored there in the future (I will move the firstrun page one there after the release).

Also, there are still some visual glitches on some pages for some locales, I am working on them but don't hesitate to tell me if you see big visual bugs for your locale.
Depends on: 588810
Depends on: 588811
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Depends on: 588845
notice: the whatsnew beta 4 page is

(I put a link to b3 in individual busg by mistake)
I think that's something wrong in the subtitles for Tab Sets' video.


Row 16 should be probably deleted: there's no data-start and the content is the same of the previous div.
@flod, you are right, I am going to update the file

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8 years ago
It seems to me like the webM video about Sync is incomplete. Does anyone else see that symptom?

Comment 6

8 years ago
Pascal: perhaps you can play Ogg video by default until bug 589122 is fixed?
the code for the video player is not mine (only the subtitles one which I adapted from Fabien Cazenave's code), I have to study it first to see how to set Ogg as a fallback for 4.0. I may also reencode the video myself with ffmpeg on Monday to see if I can fix the video.

Comment 8

8 years ago
No mention for Linux in line 6 of the grouptabs subtitles? ctrl+space works fine on my fedora too :)
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