[nl] Localize Firefox 4 beta 4 whatsnew page and its associated videos



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9 years ago
You have now a /4beta/whatsnew/ folder in your SVN repository (svn update).

Reminder, mozilla.com repo for your locale is:


The whatsnew beta 4 page is split in 2 tasks:
- translation of the page itself : 

- translation of the subtitles for two videos:

The subtitles are a simple html file, each subtitle is enclosed in a <div>.

Please commit directly to SVN and indicate your revision numbers here or
alternatively, attach your files to this bug (upload them with the text/plain
MIME type in UTF8).

The staging site for the page is:

The sync video subtitles are the ones we had for beta 3 but were not used
because Sync was not shipped for that release, if you had translated it for
beta 3, no need to do anything on this one, it is the same file renamed. Same
with the Sync description which is already integrated in your beta4 html file
if you had translated it for beta3.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ping me on irc (pascalc) or to put
a message in your bug.


Comment 1

9 years ago
Ok, Dutch files are basically done, but:

- What’s with the index.html and its $page_title line, currently containing a French welcome? (all locales)

In sub-fx4-sync.html:
- The line containing “75.5” says “Click "next" unless you want to host the data on your own server”, while the video voice says “Click Next, unless you want to use a different name for your computer”. What to do? 
- Similar for “119”: “Don't forget to set up Firefox Sync on all of your computers”, where said: “Make sure to set up Sync on all…” (not a big difference though)
- What about the last 3 spoken sentences in that video, not included in the file?
- Why is the /uk/ version named as a ref?

Comment 2

9 years ago
just ignore index.html, I will remove this bogus (unused) variable on Monday

don't care about the uk/ reference, it is the same file in English for all locales, it could be any referenced locale actually.

For the video, just translate what is in the text file for now and I'll ask Laura on Monday why the video script has changed since beta 3 and we will probably switch the previous version of the video (if it still exists) since many locales already translated that version.

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9 years ago
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
committed in r72698, thanks
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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9 years ago
The grouptabs video was renamed panorama and is now located at:


The video script changed but I migrated your older strings to the new file, it will need adaptations though.

If you want to compare your translation with the original subtitles in English directly on the video for proof checking, you can add the ?comparesubs variable to your url on trunk:


(this new feature only works for the panorama video for now, it will also be used for the videos to come in next beta releases on whatsnew pages)
Resolution: FIXED → ---

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9 years ago
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9 years ago
committed in r73022, thanks
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