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I was looking at the url module earlier today to figure out how to get the actual text of a URL object, and eventually had to look at the source code of the module to discover that the string coercion of the object yielded its full value. Can we document this?

Another alternative is to add a "href" property to the URL object which contains the value, similar to the document.location.href property on the Web.
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> Can we document this?


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8 years ago
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documentation for toString

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8 years ago
if we add "href" property then it will a keep the analogy of the link intact.
I'm reluctant to document toString methods generally, since they are an implicit part of every object.  But in this case it isn't obvious that toString is the way to retrieve a string representation of the entire URL.

That suggests the URL object should have a "spec" property or the like for explicitly retrieving that representation.  But documenting toString is a reasonable fix in the meantime.  a=myk for landing this valuable low-risk fix!
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documentation for toString

Thanks for the patch!

It failed to apply because of its line endings (they show up as ^M in Emacs), and toString() should be added to the URL Objects section, but those are small fixes that I will make.  Thanks!
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8 years ago
Hrishikesh, thanks for contributing this patch, it's really helpful!
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