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Disable warning for mailto and tel in fennec


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Do not show "open in external programm" when clicking on mailto link.
If not it looks like a warning, which we do not want in a integrated system.
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This disables the warning
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Let's consider doing this for all Fennec platforms (Android too).
Sounds great, So who's call is it than? The patch should be changed in seconds
Why only mailto: ? Shouldn't we also consider doing this for tel: ?
OS: MeeGo → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: Disable warning for mailto in meego fennec → Disable warning for mailto and tel in fennec
Just CC'ing some folks how might be able to give us a sanity check.

We intend to remove the warning displayed when Fennec attempts to open a mailto: or tel: link in an external application. The external applications do not just fire off the command without user interaction. The warning dialog is hurting the easy flow of using the browser on mobile devices.
OS: All → MeeGo
Hardware: All → x86
I agree with this change. We can revisit if there's a security impact, but I suspect that the email client won't send an email, and the telephone application won't automatically dial :)
OS: MeeGo → All
Hardware: x86 → All
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disable preference

* add tel:
* not maemo specific, applies to all platforms
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Ok Done.
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