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8 years ago
This is an incremental solution to the problem of deciding which sharing services to include in the share menus. If we still have hard-coded services, we should allow localizers to choose the sharing services that are most popular in their locales, rather than default to those that are most popular in the US.
I'm not sure what to think about this ad-hoc, CCing the l10n community to get more input.
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8 years ago
Not sure either. What's the context? What's the product? What's the deadline? The usual suspects.
Please, keep in mind that localizers are benevolent, they are contributing on their spare time, and what would be good for en-US, might be the worst thing to do in other locales.
And reading this bug, I have no clue of what this is about...
The actual feature is well described in bug 588508. Timeline is unclear, may very well *not* be fx4.
Whiteboard: [bug 588508 has the beef]
Also note that if it *isn't* localized, it won't hurt people — the sharing services might just be a bit less relevant (e.g. Brazil might prefer Orkut sharing over Facebook sharing) — but not actively bad.
Limi, that won't be true in Germany, IMHO. Not giving users a choice to get rid of (Google) Buzz and Facebook in their face is going to be blow, at least to some -- likely the multiplicators over here.

Reminds me, is there a bug on file for user-choice over defaults?
(In reply to comment #3)
> The actual feature is well described in bug 588508. Timeline is unclear, may
> very well *not* be fx4.

I don't see it as an easy task: for sure I'd like the possibility to create a localized set of services, but also a simple way to add and remove services in the app once it's distributed (like searchplugins).

But how this sharing work? I suppose there should be some sort of API on the site's side. How long would it take to check if a site, unknown in US but popular in my country, supports this kind of action and implement it?
As flod said, I support the idea of "searchplugins"-like share services.

It could be easy to add a new service with just a line in a file (region.properties, for example?) or maybe a text file with

[name]=URL (with url and parameters like title if supported)

My 0.02€
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