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escaping closures on trace don't get block objects in their scope chain


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If we create a closure on trace that needs a scope chain, that scope chain doesn't contain block objects.  Thus, in the following code, the reference to 'local' is undefined when called after f() returns.

function f() {
    var ret;
    for (var i = 0; i < 10; ++i) {
        let (local = 3) {
            ret = function() { print(local++); }
    return ret;
f()();  // test.js:5: ReferenceError: local is not defined

I think the fix is to abort trace when creating a function object where the scope chain would contain block objects.
Also, it seems that, with this fixed, the test "if (cx->fp()->getBlockChain() == lexicalBlock) return ARECORD_STOP" in record_JSOP_LEAVEBLOCK could be removed.
This patch aborts tracing if we record a LAMBDA instruction when the block chain is non-null. I also removed the useless lexicalBlock check. The patch fixes the test case above and passes trace-tests.

I added a similar check to the LAMBDA_FC instruction. I can't figure out a way to make a flat closure that actually accesses its scope chain, but it still seems prudent to have the check there.
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patch to fix this

Cool, thanks.  Need a checkin?
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> patch to fix this
> Cool, thanks.  Need a checkin?

Yes, thanks.
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patch to fix this

RETURN_STOP_A("reason"); is nicer than bare return ARECORD_STOP; for future JIT spew readers debugging "why isn't my let-based code tracing" situations.

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Good catch
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