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me comunica con internet explorer sin quererlo


(Firefox :: General, defect)

Windows 7
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Build Identifier: 3.6.8

al tener abierto el mismo sitio en internet explorer y firefox al hacer clic en un botón realiza la misma acción en los dos exploradores

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.abrir internet explorer y firefox
2.ingresar al sitio web
3.hacer clic en la grilla y cambiaran los dos exploradores 

Hola soy un webmaster independiente y me di cuenta de este error avísenme cuando vean el vídeo para borrarlo de esa web, saludos!
Nota: hice este video que muestra el momento en que sucede el error
Google does a somewhat poor job with this:

   having opened the same site in Internet Explorer and Firefox as set by
   clicking button performs the same action in the two browsers
   Reproducible: Always 
   Steps to Reproduce: 
   1.Open Internet Explorer and Firefox 
   2. accessing the website 
   3.Make click the grid and change the two explorers

   Hello I am an independent webmaster and I noticed this error
   let me know when you see the video to delete it from that page,
   greetings! Note: I made this video showing what happens when the

I can't really tell what the video is supposed to be showing, but it doesn't look like an exploit.
Group: core-security
Reporter sent me mail with additional details (in the future please don't -- keep the info in the bug where all the contributors can see it. That's why bugmail always starts "Do not reply to this email. You can add comments to this bug at...").

Apparently the video is showing that you really have Explorer and Firefox open at the same time, it's not just side-by-side for comparison. In IE he clicks on the "Jardin Poniente, Renca" picture, and the action will happen in the Firefox instance of Flash.

What's the mechanism here? Flash isn't like some media players where the plugin is just a shim back to a separate master process. Where is the shared state? Is one flash content sending out events that another one can read? Even in another Window in another process entirely? Does this mean a malicious flash app could try to send events out to get another flash app to do things? Or is there some same-origin checks going on, at least?

CC'ing adobe guys. Is this a bug or as designed?
Group: core-security
Whiteboard: [sg:vector?]
Ok, contestare por este medio, para los chicos de adobe estoy ocupando el siguiente código:

En el boton 

on (press) {

	var sending_lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
	inpTexto.text = "contacto_renca_58.swf";

Y en el receptor:
conexion = new LocalConnection ();

conexion.unMetodo= function (argumento) {
//contenedor = 
campoDeTexto.text = argumento;


pueden ver el video explicativo aca:
emmm, Daniel for finding this bug will not win me a shirt?
I cannot reproduce this and could use a little more detail on what version of the browsers you are using as well as the versions of Flash Player.

LocalConnection will allow two swf's to talk to one another in the same or different browsers. If the swf in Firefox is sending and the swf in IE is listening then this will be the expected behavior.
firefox: 3.6.8
explorer version: 8.0.7600.16385
flash player: WIN 10,1,53,64
opertating system: windows 7

then it is normal to happen, being in firefox and clicking the button to contact
Depending on how you have localConnection setup between swf files this could be as expected.  If its setup this way I would expect you would see it between browser windows in the same browser as well.

Did this start happening after you updated Flash Player or something you noticed after changing some code?
emmm, no, the problem is in almost all versions of adobe flash
this code was my idea to communicate the two swf but within
the same browser but from what I see with whom they communicate well
are ou

on (press) {

    var sending_lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
    inpTexto.text = "contacto_renca_58.swf";
You might consider using a unique name per session for the connection.  This would prevent the same page in a different browser getting the action.  Just a thought to help you along.   This isn't a player or Mozilla bug so I'll be resolving the issue.
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ok, Carlos Muchas Gracias ;) thanks anyway
mucho gusto
A patch for bug 590568 mentions this bug by mistake.
good, hope is solved! jejej
Group: core-security
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