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Favorite icons with blank names block each other


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I usually add a few favorite links without names to the beginning of my favorite bar (stuff that's kind of obvious like Gmail/hotmail - though this happens with any links). Problem is: Sometimes, when I add a favorite to the bar and clean it's name (left-click -> properties), the clickable area of the link grows negative, eventually blocking the previous links. Also, if it's the last link to the right, it becomes clickable far from the image on either side.

The size of the clickable area varies (seemingly in a random fashion), sometimes only partially covering the previous link.

It doesn't happen always, but I've seen this quite a few times, in both Windows XP and Windows Vista (and I'm guessing it's not OS-dependent either).

Usually restarting firefox or dragging the link around solves this.

Here's a screenshot:

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Drag a few links to the browser favorites bar.
2. On each one of them: Left-click -> Properties. Clear the name field.
(I'm not sure whether clearing the names of previous links before adding new ones makes any difference)
3. Try and see if all icons are clickable.

If this doesn't work, try deleting a few ones from the end then adding new.
Actual Results:  
Some of the links cover the clickable areas of the previous links. Also, if that problem is happening on the last link to the right, it also becomes clickable quite far away from the icon.

The screenshot from before:

Expected Results:  
Only the icon area should be clickable

I've experienced this many times in my Window XP and am now experiencing on Windows Vista, and I believe I've seen it on 7 as well (though I'm not sure).

Everything else is working. In regards to correcting this, haven't worked:
- Removing my persona.
- Changing/Closing the current tab
- Clicking the bad icon
- Accessing the covered links through URL.

The following procedures aid this:
- Dragging the link around, placing it somewhere else in the favorites.
- Restarting Firefox.
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
Severity: minor → S4
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