RFE: in plugincheck, allow users to nominate plugins which should be actively tracked/automatically researched




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Currently plugincheck "knows about" some plugins, but "doesn't know about" others.

The unknown plugins are listed with a grey "research" button, allowing the user to individually review and research the status of the unknown plugin. 

This request for enhancement, if implemented, would provide a facility which would allow users to suggest or nominate unknown plugins which should be added
to the list of centrally recognized and tracked plugins. 

Those nominations could then be periodically summarized and prioritized so that the most popular unknown plugins could eventually be added to the known and tracked list of mainstream plugins, reducing the number of users who need to try to personally figure out what they should do for popular (but not 
currently centrally researched) plugins. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run plugin check on a system with unknown plugins installed

Actual Results:  
For example, on a sample system, WebEx General Plugin Container version 169 is
flagged as an unknown Plugin Container, as is MoveNetworks Quantum Media Player npmnqmp 07030901. If this request for enhancement is implemented, a user would be able to suggest either or both of those unknown plugins as candidates for central tracking and recommendations from plugincheck (rather than just being shown with the grey research button they currently display)

Expected Results:  
Currently the software displays the grey "research" button.

If the RFE is implemented, plugin check would let users indicate that they
believe the plugin is mainstream/popular, and should have more than just a 
grey research button shown.

The data from this sort of facility could also be used in outreach with vendors, to help them to better understand the fact that many of their users are out of
date, and interested in updating, thus potentially motivating improvements to 
automatic update processes, too.

Thanks for a great product, and all your work on it.

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a year ago
Plugin-Check is no longer supported.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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