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Improve theming of Sync wizards


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The setup wizard is getting a new style as per mockups in bug 589980.
We're not going to implement new theme look and feel for the generic wizard, that should be done by the Firefox theme team as part of their theme work.
Component: Firefox UI → Theme
Product: Weave → Firefox
QA Contact: firefox → theme
With bug 590805 having landed, the wizard implements the general look and feel of faaborg's mockups (bug 589980). The actual styling work remains to be done, particularly platform-specific stuff. We also need a 128x128 version of the Sync logo (or whichever size is appropriate for the final page).
Summary: New style for setup wizard → New style for Sync setup wizard
CC'ing shorlander for the large Sync logo on final setup page.
Please consider during the redesign process that localized builds can have longer strings.

For example this screenshot shows three issues ( Gecko/20100909 Firefox/4.0b6pre): unwanted horizontal scrollbar (1), strange sign when you select the checkbox (2), unwanted space between two strings (3) (that space is somewhere in the layout, not in the strings).
Is there any reason why the Sync Setup Wizard looks SO MUCH different from all
other built-in wizards? IMO, they should all look similar. Right now, it looks
pretty much out of context, as if it still were a third-party extension with
totally different people behind its design.
Some of the windows styling is carrying over to the other platforms at the moment, we'll be working on that after beta 7.
Duplicate of this bug: 610758
This bug now also includes putting the finishing touches on the "Add a Device" wizard (bug 602682) since it uses the same styles as the setup wizard.
Depends on: 622408
Bug 626949 made the "generic change" dialogs use the same style as the Sync wizards, so I'm morphing this bug to fix the theming for all three Sync wizards:

* setup wizard
* Add a Device wizard
* generic change dialogs

This includes correcting padding and margins, colours and adding various glyphs as shown in faaborg's various mockups.
Summary: New style for Sync setup wizard → Improve theming of Sync wizards
Depends on: 708073
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