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Remove ancient heapdump code


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If you could actually do anything with tools/footprint/ (it includes config/rules.mak, so it's been unusable since 2004), it would build you a heapdump.exe, which would grovel through all windows of all running apps, looking for Netscape 6.3 and the Mozilla Application Suite, and send them a message telling them to dump the heap to C:\heapdump.txt (which they would have done, since that was long prior to the code being ifdeffed out), which you could then process with

This turns out not to be something that anyone wants to do.
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I am not a suitable reviewer for the tools portion (and I don't think Jim is either) but dbaron appears to be the owner. r+ for the widget stuff (yay removing more dead code!).
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r=dbaron, though the bit in widget/src/windows/ actually looks somewhat useful; I wonder if we have all that data hooked up to about:memory

If we don't, it might be worth filing a bug with a pointer to that code.
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We don't, but it won't give all that useful data -- since we use jemalloc, we don't go through the windows heap at all.  I suppose someone could be making explicit heap calls (maybe win32 internal code), but for that we should just add an about:memory display for total windows heap size so that we can keep an eye on it.  Whenever I've looked before though, it's never been over 1MB.
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