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Add user agent string to about:support


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Not set



Firefox 4.0b7
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Bug 579547 proposes removing the user agent string from the about dialog as it has a gibberishy feel that users don't need. It would still be available from about: which not all too many people may find. The about:support page, however, is accessible via Help -> Troubleshooting Information.

Please add a "User Agent" row under the "Application Basics" heading in about:support. The UA string itself can also be helpful for support anyway.
Blocks: 579547
No longer depends on: 579547
Johnath/Dietrich: needs an owner, should be a simple fix.
blocking2.0: --- → beta6+
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Attached patch Probably this works? (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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> Johnath/Dietrich: needs an owner, should be a simple fix.

This should work. Rebuilding now, since my tree is *ancient*. If it works, I'll ask for review.
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Probably this works?

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I'll try to get this landed this week, but if someone beats me to it, thanksmuch.
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Identical to prior patch, just easier for someone to pick up as ridealong.
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Thanks for the quick work here, Johnath!
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Thanks, David!
Attached image screenshot
build :

this build is 20100902 (20100902152957),
but UA says 20100901.

intended/correct ?
Whatever the UA string says is correct with respect to this bug. This bug is just about moving the UA from the about dialog to about:support. They both use navigator.userAgent so nothing is changing but where it's showing.

Your issue looks off-by-one-ish, so possibly it's using the date of the source vs. the date of the build itself? If one of these IDs is wrong, please file another bug for that.
Or possibly it's because you're quoting a tinderbox build and maybe their IDs don't update how you'd expect?
I don't know why, but above Hourly build have wrong build date. (Build ID is not wrong. check with Nightly Tester Tools)

and check with another Hourly,

UA date is 20100902.
Interesting. Please file another bug for that.
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100921 Firefox/4.0b7pre SeaMonkey/2.1b1pre - Build ID: 20100921124527

I'm VERIFYing that in this build of SeaMonkey, about:support includes, near the top, the above UA (until, but not including, the space-dash-space separator). The same string is also still present at the bottom of the about: page, which IMHO is a GOOD thing. (The SeaMonkey Help=>About menu opens the about: page, not a distinct dialog.)

Please check it also with (at least) Firefox, as well as by setting Thunderbird's "Mail Start Page" to about:support.
My about:support under a recent Minefield build on Linux has the UA where it should be and any other Toolkit app should have it too as it's just using the standard navigator.userAgent that is also what "about:" uses. There's a screenshot under Windows attached: attachment 471728 [details]

I was considering moving this bug to Toolkit:General after-the-fact, as that's where about:support actually lives, but even the bug where it was moved there is still in Firefox:General... see bug 518607.

In any case, I'll mark verified.
yeah, what I see in SeaMonkey under Linux is maybe not as elegant but the difference is entirely a theming issue, not germane to this bug, and possibly due to my using a third-party theme.
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screenshot (SeaMonkey on Linux)

Yeah, that just looks like a theme issue.

For me, in Minefield under Linux, my about:support looks similar to the Windows screenshot.
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