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[Mac default] Need to hide the detailsDeck-splitter and indicate ability to collapse


(SeaMonkey :: Themes, defect)

Not set


(seamonkey2.1 wontfix)

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seamonkey2.1 --- wontfix


(Reporter: stefanh, Unassigned)



Bug 585601 added a splitter containing a grippy to the bookmarksmanager. The splitter is disabled and the grippy is used to hide/show the details deck.

There are 2 issues here:

1) The splitter is styled (from toolkit's splitter.css) with a bg-image so it's visible for the user - the user will expect it to be draggable, but it isn't since it's disabled.

2) We don't show grippies in mac classic

A possible solution is to invent some styling so we can show the grippy and indicate to the users that it's clickable. At the same time we need to style the splitter so it isn't visible.
Poke Stefan. Any update on solutions?
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