"Run Filters on Folder" filters only one selected message



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The "Run filters on folder" sometimes filters (recognizes a filter match and
moves) only one message (the one selected message in the message-list pane).

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Have in a mail folder several messages that should match filters
   that should move them to another folder.  (E.g., move a bunch of
   messages that were filtered into some folder into a test folder.)
2. Select one of those messages.
3. Invoke "Run Filters on Folder."
Actual Results:  
Only the select message disappears from the current folder (because it
is filtered into the filter-specified folder).

Expected Results:  
All messages matching the filter should disappear from the current folder
(because of being moved to one or more other filter-specified folders).

When multiple messages are selected, none get filtered.

The "Run Filters on Message" command doesn't seem to work at all.

It's not clear what conditions are necessary to see the problem,
but when it appears, it appears to be consistent.  (That is, 
invoking repeatedly "Run Filters on Folder" repeatedly will move
one message per invocation.

Just now, I changed the message list view to the threaded view and
tried Run Filters on Folder, and it seems to have filtered all the
messages (as it should).   Perhaps there's a bug in code that
iterates over the displayed message list?
Related with Thunderbird bug 584288 ?

Do you mean you only have this problem in the Unthreaded view, never in the Threaded view?

Does SeaMonkey compact your folders automatically? When it happens, does that stop filter execution? See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Compacting_folders#Customizing_compacting for details of how to get a yes/no prompt when SeaMonkey is about to start auto-compacting. (That page is written for Thunderbird but also applies to SeaMonkey. What they call the "Config Editor" is obtained by "browsing" to about:config in the SeaMonkey Browser window.)

Comment 2

8 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> Related [to] Thunderbird bug 584288 ?

I can't really tell.  The situation there looks different, but it's unclear 
whether the differences are likely to be significant:
- In 584288, there are filters from multiple accounts to another account's
  Inbox.  In my case, there are filters from only one account's Inbox to
  Local Folders folders.
- In 584288, the problem seems to occur upon receipt of new mail.  I haven't 
  noticed problems then.

(However, that does remind me:  Whether a message is marked read or unread does 
seem to make a difference in some filtering problems I've been seeing.  I think
the problems I'm reporting here occurred for messages that were marked read, 
but I don't recall if unread messages worked differently.)

> Do you mean you only have this problem in the Unthreaded view, never in the
> Threaded view?

I meant that I had it repeatedly in the unthreaded view, and then I tried it in
the threaded view (once, while composing the bug report), and it worked fine.

I don't recall if I also later saw the bad behavior in the threaded view.
I'll try to take a look at that.

> Does SeaMonkey compact your folders automatically? 

SeaMonkey does compact my IMAP account folders automatically, although I don't 
recall explicitly setting that option.  (The filtering was from that IMAP 
account to Local Folders.)  (For my Local Folders, I definitely have automatic 
compacting turned off.)

> When it happens, does that stop filter execution? 

Although I have seen that cause problems in filtering new mail, the current
problem does not seem to be an interaction between compacting and filtering.  

SeaMonkey was not reporting any compacting around the time I had trouble with 
filtering (and I tried filtering a dozen times or so, so even if it had been 
compacting during one or two attempts, it would have been done for the 

(I have, in other situations, seen the messages that some operation cannot be 
performed because a folder is in use for some other operation, but I did not 
see those messages when I was having these filter problems.)

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