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-moz-element background causes stack pointer free


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Loading the testcase triggers:

* A stack pointer free, which makes malloc complain.

* Assertion failed: (CAIRO_REFERENCE_COUNT_HAS_REFERENCE (&cr->ref_count)), function _moz_cairo_destroy, file gfx/cairo/cairo/src/cairo.c, line 327.
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With an opt build, I get a crash with an incomplete stack.
There's a stack-allocated gfxContext here:

this is a no-no and is probably causing the problem.  We should really do something to ensure that these things never get allocated on the stack; I'm not quite sure how to do that, though, other than introducing helper static allocation functions which is quite ugly.

(Explanation: gfxContext & gfx*Surface share the object's refcount with the underlying cairo object's refcount.  Upon initial creation, the cairo object has an initial ref, while the gfx* object does not, per xpcom semantics.  So the gfx* object waits until the first AddRef and ignores it, thus syncing up the two.  I guess a way that we can assert on this is to make sure that an AddRef happened at some point in the destructor... then again, I thought we handled this case correctly, too.)
Maybe a static analysis that's the opposite of NS_STACK_CLASS? ;)
Do we need to block b5 on this?  Or just b6?
blocking2.0: --- → ?
We have loads of stack-allocated gfxContexts:[^\*]&regexp=on&tree=mozilla-central

Do we need to fix all of them?
Well, more details -- in the case of gfxContext, this is only bad if the gfxContext is passed to something else.  Because then you have this situation:

gfxContext cx;

Foo(gfxContext *context) {
  nsRefPtr<gfxContext> cx = context;


gfxContext will get destroyed at the end of Foo, since all outstanding references to it will be dead, even though it will still be on the stack; bad stuff will result.

If the context isn't passed to anything, then it should be safe.  But I still think we should fix all of those; they seem to be just in SVG and imglib, so we should make sure folks working in those areas are aware of this.  If needed, we could also maybe introduce a gfxStackContext or something, with gfxContext inheriting from it and just adding refcounting.
Although it's a little unfair, I'm going to ask Markus to fix it ...
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Duplicate of this bug: 592086
What's the policy on checking in crashtests for security sensitive bugs in betas? Wait until the fixed beta is out?
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I audited all stack-allocated gfxContexts and only changed those that get passed to other functions.
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Thanks a ton! Don't forget to add a crashtest!
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Oops, I missed comment #11. I think you can just check in the test anytime.
Is this ready to land? If not, what's left?
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Now it's ready to land.
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