message list: Return/Enter at "+" or "-" both expands/collapses AND opens



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(Reporter: Daniel B., Unassigned)


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In the message list pane, in the threaded view, if you select a line 
displaying a "+" or "-" and then type Return (Enter), it both expands 
or collapses the thread AND also opens the message (in a separate

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set the message list to threaded view.
2. Select a message list line that displays a "+" or an "-" symbol.
3. Type Return (Enter).
Actual Results:  
The message list expands the thread if the line had a "+", or
collapses it if it had a "-", and SeaMonkey also opens a new window
displaying the message.

Expected Results:  
SeaMonkey should have EITHER expanded/collapsed the thread OR 
opened the new message window.

There should be separate keystrokes for opening a message vs. 
toggling the thread expansion.
To expand the current thread, (the one selected in the threads pane and currently collapsed), hit the right-arrow key.

To collapse the current thread, make sure that its top message is selected then hit the left-arrow key.

Hitting the left-arrow key on a message not first in its thread goes to its parent (the message to which that message replies).

You may also, of course, click the +/- (or, depending on the theme, the triangle pointing either right or down) to toggle the expanded/collapsed state of a thread; or at the keyboard, \ (backslash) will collapse all threads at once, * (star) will expand them.

On SeaMonkey 2.1a3pre on Linux, I see both the current thread expand (but never collapse) and also the current message open when I hit Enter. I believe that this is the intended behaviour. If SeaMonkey 2.0.x does it differently, I don't think the bugfix will be ported.
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Version: unspecified → SeaMonkey 2.0 Branch

Comment 2

7 years ago
Having spoken with Neil, this is not ideal behaviour, so confirming for the moment.
Ever confirmed: true


7 years ago
Version: SeaMonkey 2.0 Branch → Trunk
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