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printing causes a "print preview" to flash in the browser window while page is printing


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When I print (just File -> Print, not from print preview), a display that looks a bit like the print preview display although I think without the edges (although I'm not sure if that's what it is) flashes in the browser window as the progress meter ticks up.  Then when printing is done, the normal page display flashes back into place.

Steps to reproduce:
 1. load
 2. choose File -> Print
 3. select print to file (to avoid wasting paper), and print it

Actual results: a printed display flashes in part of the browser window while the progressmeter for the printing is displayed

Expected results: page display doesn't change while the print progress is being shown

I'm testing in 2010-08-30-03-mozilla-central Linux x86_64 nightly.

Probably a regression from bug 130078 or related.
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The same thing happens when you print from print preview.

The printed output looks fine. I think we must be doing an extra call to one of the functions in DocumentViewer that turns on printing mode for the wrong document.
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We link in the view manager for the print document into the screen view manager, so it gets drawn for a brief period.
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