Shavian letters (Unicode characters with codes over about 65536) and everything following them is discarded from input/descriptions/reviews



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Look at this phrase there: (this problem also exists in Bugzilla, so I cannot cite the phrase here).

It is written using the Shavian alphabet, whose Unicode range is 10450 – 1047F (according to ), with some ASCII characters.


Now go to and submit that phrase as a review.

Your review will be published empty.

If you put some "usual" letters before the Shavian ones, only they will be published; everything after the first Shavian character is discarded.


Go to and try creating a collection with that phrase as the title.

It will fail, the title will be considered empty.

But if you put some "usual" letters _after_ the phrase, they will be used in the URL, but the title will be empty.

If you put "usual" letters only before Shavian ones, the Shavian part and everything after it will be discarded both in the URL and in the page.

If you put "usual" letters both before and after Shavian ones,
* the Shavian ones will be replaced with "-" in the URL
* the collection’s page will only show the usual characters that were before the Shavian ones.

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A text file with the example phrase.

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If you cannot see the phrase, see for the names of fonts which include Shavian characters. MPH 2B Damase is in Debian's repository.

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8 years ago
Report for SUMO: bug 670217.


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Thanks for filing this.  Due to resource constraints we are closing bugs which we won't realistically be able to fix.  If you have a patch that applies to this bug please reopen.

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