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Display the sync account shortname in the window title / Firefox button


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(Keywords: ux-mode-error)

As discussed over in bug 589981, we need some way in primary UI to indicate that this instance of Firefox has been associated with a user's Sync account (hopefully, that would be *your* sync account).

We originally had planned to work on this when account manager landed (since then it will be very easy for people to create accounts, and they may unintentionally hand the credentials to the new account to their friend if they are using their friend's machine).  However, if you consider people passing on computers that have their sync credentials stored, this is probably a serious enough problem that we need to address it in Firefox 4.


Vista/7: display the shortname in the Firefox button "Firefox - Alex" (but without the color changes shown here

XP/Linux: Set the Window title to Firefox - Shortname, or possibly with panorama, "Firefox - Shortname - Group Name"

OS X: since it is uncommon to display the application name in the title, we may want to use a small control with the user's name similar to the one proposed here:
Where does shortname come from? We currently have no UI to ask the user their shortname, nor do we pass it around using Sync.
Originally proposed as part of the first run setup process in the details pane, then cut, and now in this bug proposed again (and we would also want to display it on the physical sync key over in bug 591533)
If/when we start asking for shortnames in this type of flow (login to browser?) then we'll implement this. :)
Severity: normal → enhancement
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Depends on: 727206
We have display names in FxA and there are displayed in the Sync preferences UI. Closing.
Closed: 9 years ago
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Component: Firefox Sync: UI → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox
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