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[RFE] Macros such as in Microsoft Outlook for MailNews (and rest of Mozilla)


(MailNews Core :: Filters, enhancement, P3)



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(Reporter: netdragon, Assigned: alecf)


Macro scripting should be added as a new component of Mozilla/(MailNews?)- not 
under Filters. It should be possible to use for mail or newsgroups, access 
browser windows, etc. For an example of this in action, try Microsoft Outlook 
(not express), Mirc, or any other program that allows macros. This should come 
with a simple IDE that allows users to write their macros using 
Tools>Macros>Setup (Of course accessable from all of Mozilla). Using macros, 
users can move messages from one folder to another, read from, and write to disk 
files, etc. I do not know if files can be read with javascript, but I believe 
that your extensions allow for that. Of course, these macros would have more 
access to the computer than, say, javascript in a web page. One thing is that 
the computer needs to be protected from Macro viruses (like Melissa - I think). 
Therefore, there should be security to protect the user - ie javascript cannot 
install macros.

Macros should be called from filters or be called explicitly by the end user by 
the menu option Tools>Macros>Run. They could also be set to go off at certain 
times (through filters) of the day or after specified periods or when MailNews 
starts, etc (From Filters).

A macro should have a main function. Usually, it doesn't have to return anything 
- unless, for instance, it is part of a filter.

The DOM should be accessed as in normal javascript. The way Outlook does it is 
really stupid.

When you save a macro - it is placed into the innards of mozilla.

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