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9 years ago
We're going to update zamboni code and then run an email script.  The first time we run the script will be a test; we'll pipe the output to a file and show fligtar to make sure it looks good.

This is separate from bug 593409 because it's not a security issue.  I can combine them if you want.  No downtime expected.

1) git fetch && git co -f origin/
2) git submodule update --init
3) cd vendor; git co -f origin/; git submodule update --init; cd ..
4) whack any .pyc files
5) Push the new site to the webheads (AMO + SAMO) and restart Apache

Now we do the email:

6) python26 manage.py collection_emailer > output.txt

We can ctrl-c that after about 15 seconds; we just want a sample of the output.

And for real:

7) python26 manage.py collection_emailer no really

I'm on #remora and #sysadmins if you have questions.  Please let us know when you can schedule it.
This email script is to announce changes pushed last night to users who have existing collections that will be affected (we changed the URLs and permissions of their collections). If at all possible we'd like to send this out today so these users can make any changes they need to quickly.


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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #0)
> 1) git fetch && git co -f origin/

Sorry, that should be

> 2) git submodule update --init
> 3) cd vendor; git co -f origin/; git submodule update --init; cd ..

This is still
does this email script use socketlabs for outbound emails?

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9 years ago
oremj added the socketlabs config yesterday.  We have `EMAIL_HOST = 'smtp2301.socketlabs-od.com'`.  It's going to send about 40,000 emails.
woot!  makes me want to hug someone
Assignee: server-ops → justdave
Had to make these changes to the instructions:

-1) git fetch && git co -f origin/
+1) git fetch && git co -f
 2) git submodule update --init
-3) cd vendor; git co -f origin/; git submodule update --init; cd ..
+3) cd vendor; git fetch && git co -f; git submodule update --init; cd ..
er, forgot we had to s/co/checkout/ too, it didn't like it abbreviated.
preview test was shared on irc.

Production mail sent.
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Product: mozilla.org → Infrastructure & Operations
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