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Support signed updates in Thunderbird


(Thunderbird :: Preferences, defect)

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(thunderbird15+ fixed, thunderbird16+ fixed, thunderbird-esr1015+ fixed)

Thunderbird 17.0
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thunderbird15 + fixed
thunderbird16 + fixed
thunderbird-esr10 15+ fixed


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Bug 583408 added a few default prefs, see that bug and bug 593135 for some of the things we need to pull across.
Hi Mark, I moved this over to preferences since that is all that needs to be added to implement this and it has nothing to do with the installer code.
Component: Installer → Preferences
QA Contact: installer → preferences
Depends on: 745536
Assignee: nobody → mbanner
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This ports the necessary work of the dependent bugs to Thunderbird. Now we're on aus3, this is much easier, as it is just a matter of matching Firefox's prefs.

I've been running with these set manually for a month or so now (and Ludovic also ran for a bit) and its been fine, so I think we should just get on and do this and make our updates even more secure.

In the patch I also moved a couple of prefs just to match closer the diffs to the ones in the firefox.js file.

I'll be looking to get this into the beta on Tuesday, so that we've a couple of cycles to test it.
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The fix

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The preferences look fine, and my trunk Thunderbird loads without complaint with this patch applied, but there's not much more I can say about it without testing against an update server (beyond just clicking "check for updates" and having it reply "none found", which I did try).

Do you know if the Firefox team has a test harness for this including servers with bad certificates, incorrectly signed updates, etc?
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These changes are only for the cert attribute check when checking for an update and there are toolkit tests under

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The fix

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I want to deploy this everywhere as an additional security layer for updates.
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Unfortunately, this patch broke updates through our locally hosted Thunderbird ESR update server. See bug 800307.
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