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<babab007> ChatZilla uses an exponential reconnect interval, can i change it to something like every 'X' minutes, that is, a fixed interval?


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ChatZilla uses an exponential reconnect interval, so it starts at 15 seconds and then doubles after every failed attempt up to a max of 2 hours. Usually it hits that 2 hours overnight when I’m not connected to the VPN, then when I get into the office it can be up to 2 hours before it tries again. 
There should be an option wherein it lets me reconnect back in a fixed interval.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Disconnect your internet
2.Leave chatzilla running through the night
3.Reconnection time goes upto two hours.
There is no setting by-design - you can always make it try again early with /reconnect or /reconnect-all (or menus for same). If you're really crazy you can set CIRCNetwork.prototype.MAX_RECONNECT_MS in a script to your desired maximum time in milliseconds.
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