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I just pulled and built, and after running the new profile manager, apprunner is
not finding my prefs50.js file.

it appears to be trying to find it here /u/sspitzer/sspitzer/prefs50.js

The profile that I created was "sspitzer".  I'd expect that it would look for it


Other interesting things to note:  apprunner tried to open
/u/sspitzer/.mozilla/cookperm and /u/sspitzer/.mozilla/cookies, which seems

open("/u/sspitzer/sspitzer/prefs50.js", O_RDONLY) = 5
open("/u/sspitzer/.mozilla/cookperm", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or
open("/u/sspitzer/.mozilla/cookies", O_RDONLY) = 7

A quick and dirty way to find out what files apprunner is trying to open on
Linux is:

$ strace apprunner |& grep open

Priority: P3 → P1
Target Milestone: M6
marking p1, m6.

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20 years ago
Bhuvan, please take a look at this if Gayatri is still out sick.

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20 years ago
Assigning this to myself.

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20 years ago
Assigning this to myself.
Assignee: mcmullen → sspitzer
I've got the fix for UNIX.  It is low risk, and I'll check it in as soon as the
tree opens.

From then on, UNIX will look like the other platforms, and this should help keep
platform parity bugs down.

For example
The default account:

The sspitzer profile that I created:

As soon as I check it in, I'll send mail to the right aliases and newsgroups
explaining where to put your prefs50.js file on UNIX.

Note to racham and gayatrib:  you need to test your code and verify that
everything works on UNIX before you check in.

alecf has some suggestions about the *right* way to do profile directories on
UNIX, and he's going to call a meeting.
Last Resolved: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
the fix is in.

If the profile manager is turned off, it will look for your prefs50.js file


If you're one of those adrenaline junkies and you've turned the profile manager
on, it will create you profille here:

~/.mozilla/Users50/<profile name>

and look for your prefs here:

~/.mozilla/Users50/<profile name>/prefs50.js


20 years ago
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QA Contact: 3853 → 3819

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20 years ago
Updating QA Contact.


20 years ago

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20 years ago
Reopening the bug to make some adjustments.

As per the meeting we had on Monday, we need to have ~/.mozilla/default for
default profile and all other profiles under ~/.mozilla (i.e.,

I will assign this bug to myself.


20 years ago
Assignee: sspitzer → racham

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20 years ago
Reassigning the bug to myself.
racham:  this bug is fixed.  are you planning to fix something else under this

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20 years ago
On Windows and Macintosh, that is "Default", not "default".

Programmers like lower case, but this is something that end-users will see.


19 years ago
Last Resolved: 20 years ago19 years ago

Comment 12

19 years ago
Added code to direct prefs to look at the right location for
prefs50.js on all platforms.
has the location changed on any of the platforms?

Comment 14

19 years ago
Here are the locations to find prefs file on various platforms;

Linux : ~/.mozilla/Default (for default profile)
        ~/.mozilla/<profile name> (for other profiles)

Mac : :Documents:Mozilla:Users50:Default (for default profile)
      :Documents:Mozilla:Users50:<profile name> (for other profiles)

Windows : dist/Users50/Default (for default profile)
          dist/Users50/<profile name> (for other profiles)

Comment 15

19 years ago
*Related issue on Windows*

Using today's Windows build (1999-05-19-10-M6), my new profile got created in:

       C:\Program Files\Netscape\Seamonkey\[new profile name]

  instead of:

       C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users50\[new profile name]

I did not attempt to alter the default path for the profile during profile

Comment 16

19 years ago
Please announce this, because this is a major change to the way the product
functions! You can't just leave users wondering why all their preferences are
gone and why the entire messenger product doesn't work anymore.

Places to announce:
netscape.public.mozilla.xpfe (see for an explanation)

Comment 17

19 years ago
oh, and maybe netscape.public.mozilla.builds too, depending on relevance to
doing a build.

Comment 18

19 years ago
I actually got 2 profile folders created under the existing C:\Users50
with today's build on Windows. I didn't see any new folder created
under C:\Program Files\Netscape directory.

So this new profile creation works only if there is no existing
User50 directory? Because of this problem, I have not been
able to see any mail folders that I have today. I just see an icon
called "Accounts" and nothing happens when I tried to open it.

Comment 19

19 years ago
So, is there a bug here?  Does this bug need to be reopened or manifested into
another bug report?  Do we need to release note something?

Comment 20

19 years ago
The real problem for me is that I don't see any Mail folders I have for
my Deafult profile. I specified a Mail folder location not under the
Prodile_name/Mail folder but somewhere else on the same hard drive.
Since there was a new profile created under Users50 directory. I also
copied all the Mailbox files from my Mail directory into
the Mail folder under User50\New_profile\Mail. This did not work.
I just don't see anything other than "Accounts" icon in the Window.

In yesterday's build, I see all the message folders and messages within
them. As far as I can see, there is no way I can do any Mail test unless
this is resolved.

Comment 21

19 years ago
I finally got my Mail folders to show. I had to copy my prefs50.js file
from where it was before into a profile directory which I had no choice
but to create when I started the 5/19 build. However, I did copy
the original prefs50,js file this mornig at least a couple of
times into this new directory but at that time it did not
work. This evening, for some reason, it started working when I copied
the original prefs50.js file yet another time into the new directory.

Comment 22

19 years ago
Following are the locations of the preferences files on various platforms.
Of the 3 platforms mentioned below, what actually changed is Linux.
Windows and Mac remained the same.

Linux :

    for profile 'default' : ~/.mozilla/Default
    for user created <profile name> : ~/.mozilla/<profile name>

    The root directory for profile info storage used to be ~/.mozilla/Users50/
and is now changed to ~/.mozilla as shown above.

Mac :

    for profile 'default' : :Documents:Mozilla:Users50:Default
    for user created <profile name> : :Documents:Mozilla:Users50:<profile name>

Windows :

    for profile 'default' : <3 levels up from the exe location>\Users50\Default
    for user created <profile name> : <3 levels up from the exe
location>\Users50\<profile name>

In any case the most important thing is make sure you delete mozregistry.dat on
windows ( c:\winnt or c:\windows or equivalent), Mozilla Registry on Mac (System
Folder:Preferences), registry on Linux (~/.mozilla/) before you install/build
and run the new executable. It might cause inconsistencies otherwise.


Comment 23

19 years ago
This last bit of information is good for release notes.  Can you forward your
information to verah?  Thanks.


19 years ago

Comment 24

19 years ago
verified the prefs50.js file is located as indicated, and that the info has been
forwarded to verah
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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