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8 years ago
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(Reporter: Matt Thompson, Assigned: Paul Booker)





8 years ago
* Need to add this post to the Festival blog:

* So that it appears here:

* I'm unsure of the workflow for this. How do posts get added there?

* Will need to add posts in future, so documenting workflow for adding future posts appreciated

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8 years ago
what's going on with this?

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8 years ago
@ Paul or Ned:

Can you guys comment here?

@ Paul: assigned to you because you set this up initially I believe?
Assignee: nobody → paulbooker

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8 years ago
Hi Matt,

The agreed work flow with Paul was to create a new content type for the festival blog. You can make a festival post at It's not possible to change the content type of a post so you would you need to create the post again  

Would you like me to investigate using ordinary blog posts and using a taxonomy to indicate that the posts are associated with the "festival" and modify the view accordingly? The work flow could then be just to edit any post and tag it with "festival" to have it appear on the festival page although the current approach should work fine if you know beforehand that the post is going to be associated with the festival page.

Paul Booker
Mozilla Contributor & [Open Web / Federated Social Web] advocate at Appcoast
Email :
@paulbooker :
irc: #ilovetheopenweb

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8 years ago
@ Paul

* No worries! Thanks Paul. 
* The existing workflow is fine. I just wasn't clear on it.
* Have added post here:


8 years ago
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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8 years ago
Thanks, Matt.  Can you be point for doing these re-posts?

Comment 6

8 years ago
Wait a minute.  I still don't see this post on the Festival blog.

It was the original request of this bug, and the content is still relevant.

Great to see the venue post.  Thanks, Matt.

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8 years ago
Easy instructions for how to add Festival blog posts in future:
Product: Websites → Websites Graveyard
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