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The hosting of Network Solutions, the former .com registry. Now and since many years is a separate company from the registry.
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Component: ispdb → ISPDB Database Entries
Product: Mozilla Messaging → Webtools
The support resources I have found suggest all mail is handled so that you'd have a CNAME from to  This is documented at  Mail client setup is then based on that, see, but sketchily suggests not using SSL.

I used the sonar.fdns database to locate an MX mapping along these lines.  The resulting "" equivalent resulted in an "A" entry for that reversed to "" that listens on port 993.  Unfortunately, that host advertises certificates only valid for * also seems to exist within the same class C address space, but the certificate is still no good because only a bare certificate is provided without a valid chain.  ( nicely confirms that Mozilla and Microsoft won't like it.)

The cert expires on Oct 19, 2015, so it's possible that someone will fix things around then.  For that reason, I'm going to leave this open for now, but in practice there is no way to create a valid configuration because of the certificate issue.
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When you go to

 "Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (15)"
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