Designs for add-on performance on search and listing pages



8 years ago
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(Reporter: osunick, Assigned: chowse)





8 years ago

On search and listing pages, there should be a discreet icon that has a tooltip that explains the performance advisory.


8 years ago
Assignee: nobody → chowse
Priority: -- → P1
Summary: Add-on performance on search and listing pages → Designs for add-on performance on search and listing pages

Comment 1

8 years ago
First draft w/ 2 variations:

* Tried placing the advisory beside the title and below the description. The
  latter I find easier to understand without having to interact with the page,
  but requires more space and it could get confused with the adjacent add-on.

* Clicking on the label or more link reveals the pop-up. This could work w/
  rollover too, but it makes clicking the 'Learn more...' link more difficult.

* I used 2 different warning icons. The first (textured, beveled) we are 
  already using for the experimental add-on pop-up. The latter (flat, single
  color) is bespoke, but is similar to icons we're using elsewhere. Another
  alternative is an hourglass icon:
I like the contributions style. Don't care which icon we use -- you're the best judge of that.
The text below the summary is definitely clearer, we should use it.

Is this above or below contributions messages?

Comment 4

8 years ago
(In reply to comment #3)
> Is this above or below contributions messages?


Comment 5

8 years ago
I agree with the contributions style, it's easier to understand.  I don't have strong feelings on above or below- below is fine.
Final copy for this should be:

This add-on can slow down Firefox.
Installing this add-on can slow down Firefox's start-up time by 30%.

Firefox can be the current app's name. Using the app's name is more understandable than "browser".
Product: → Graveyard
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