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1.9.2 Branch

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Some gifs dont charge.


Reproducible: Always


8 years ago
Group: core-security
Component: General → ImageLib
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: general → imagelib
Summary: Problem some gifs → animated gifs don't animate
Version: unspecified → 1.9.2 Branch
They work fine for me, in both Firefox 3.6 and on trunk.

Just to check, are your image animation preferences set to not animate or animate once or something?

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8 years ago
In preferencies (about:config):

image.animation_mode - predeterminado - cadena - normal
browser.fullscreen.animnatedUp - predeterminado - entero - 1
browser.preferences.animateFadeIn - predeterminado - logico - false


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8 years ago
I can reproduce this under the following conditions:

1) Firefox 4 beta Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100930 Firefox-4.0/4.0b7pre

2) The animated gif is in a web page. 

3) The HTML web page is reloaded using F5 (or clicking on the reload button).

If I drag the page onto the browser, the animation will run. If the page is reloaded, the animation will stop. The animation will not restart unless I drag the web page onto the browser again. I don't have any problems with Firefox 3.6, so this seems to be new to Firefox 4.

If I simply load the animated GIF in the web page directly (i.e. not part of a web page) the problem does not occur even if the GIF is reloaded. It must be part of the web page for this problem to occur. 

I discovered this problem when testing a web application I am working on. I'm using an animated GIF as a "spinner" while the page is waiting for a server response. In that case, when the animation is stopped I have to close the browser completely and re-open it. If I navigate away from the page and return to it, the animation is stopped and won't restart unless the browser is closed and re-opened. 

I am posting this here because I *think* the problem I am seeing is the same as originally reported here, but the original description left out the fact that you need to be using the GIF in a web page. I used the animal0028.gif file in this test, but I discovered the problem when using my own GIF file. 

I can supply a test web page if required, but the above mentioned GIF and a very simple HTML 4 or HTML 5 web page illustrate the problem quite easily.

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8 years ago
As a correction to my previous post, where I said:
"If I simply load the animated GIF in the web page directly (i.e. not part of a web page)" 

I actually meant to say:
"If I simply load the animated GIF in the web *browser* directly (i.e. not part of a web page)".

That is, I don't see the problem if I load the GIF file directly in the browser. I do see the problem if the GIF is loaded as part of the web page.
> I don't have any problems with Firefox 3.6

Then you're not really seeing this bug, which was filed against 3.6.  Would you mind filing a separate bug on your issue (and ccing me)?

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8 years ago
Sorry about that, I guess I was trying too hard to avoid posting a duplicate bug. I will post a new bug report with sample files.
The .gif files linked to are no longer available. If this still happens please reopen with new links.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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