incorrect handling of new links when linux has multiple desktops




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Here's the scenario: i have 4 desktops and desktop #1 has an open
firefox session, say a page opened up to newegg or something. In
desktop #4 i am reading usenet news using knode or whatever and click on a
link in some article. Now i see a minimized icon on the task bar
for firefox on my currently in use desktop #4 - so ok, i click on
that and i am relocated to desktop #1 where the link opens in a
second tab.
This isnt what i want. i really want a new session of firefox to
 open in desktop #4 if there isnt one there already, but if there
 is one already open in desktop #4 THEN go ahead and open the link
 as a 2nd tab in that session only and leave the firefox in desktop
 #1 alone. I hope i have been clear in describing what i am seeing.
 Is there a way to fix this so activities using firefox in one
 desktop dont affect an open firefox in another desktop?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Setup kde for 4 desktops
2. in desktop #1 open firefox to google or where-ever you like
3. switch to any other desktop besides desktop #1 - say desktop #4
4. in desktop #4 click on a link from email, knode or where-ever
4. observe that a minimized icon for firefox appears on the taskbar in desktop #4
5. click the taskbar icon - and you will be re-routed to desktop #1 where the link is opened in a new tab
6. what "should" happen is: desktop #1 should be left unaffected. a new instance of firefox should open (and not minimized) in desktop #4 "-OR-" if an instance of firefox is already open in desktop #4 a new tab should be added there
Actual Results:  
apparently each desktop is searched for an active instance of firefox and a new tab is added to the first one found -  

Expected Results:  
If i am working in desktop #z PLEASE do not touch any other desktop - i am in desktop #z because i dont want to mess with stuff already up in other desktops.
Constrain firefox activity to the active desktop in view
e.g. if i am in desktop #3 and click a link there open it in firefox in desktop #3 regardless of any other instances of firefox that may be running on desktops #1 #2 or #4 etc. If desktop #3 already has  an instance of firefox running and i click on a link in desktop #3 then open it in a new tab there in the firefox on desktop #3
Also, if i click a link firefox should not start minimized - if the above is fixed then i would expect this behavior to disappear anyway, its an artifact of the incorrect behavior described above

mandriva 2010.0 x86_64
kde 4.3.5
firefox 3.6.8
4 desktops enabled on taskbar
multi-gigabytes of free memory and hdd space available


7 years ago
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
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