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Viewport is resized when switching tabs


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fennec 2.0b1+ ---


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a page with non-default viewport width, e.g.
2. Switch to a different tab, then back to the first tab

Expected results: Page layout remains the same
Actual results: Viewport width changes

This is a regression from bug 576192.
This seems to (maybe?) happen as a result of nsFrameLoader::ShowRemoteFrame calling GetSubDocumentSize and then TabParent::Move - the dimensions passed to Move do not match the explicit viewport metadata.
tracking-fennec: --- → ?
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0b1+
This might be helped by the new API proposed in bug 589337 to replace Show/Hide for switching tabs.
Depends on: 589337
Keywords: qablocker
We'd like to change the platform to *not* change the CSS viewport size on window/widget resize, if an override has been set using nsIDOMWindowUtils.setCSSViewport.
Assignee: mbrubeck → jones.chris.g
To be clear, the fennec frontend wants to use this feature to implement the <meta viewport> tag available to web content, in such a way that the frontend doesn't have to always listen for resizes (e.g. on device orientation change) and reset them back to the <meta viewport>.  That's a bit tricky and can be expensive if we don't prevent the reflow in time.
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Blocks: 597580
How should we call ResizeReflowOverride from the frontend?  Should nsDOMWindowUtils::SetCSSViewport call it for us (maybe optionally)?
Thanks Matt!  I didn't change the nsDOMWindowUtils callsite, and my test was wrong.
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Attachment #477753 - Flags: superreview?(dbaron)
This is working great, but it seems to make bug 597230 happen more often.  Working on a patch in that bug.
Depends on: 597230
No longer depends on: 589337
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Allow a document's CSS viewport to be permanently overridden by chrome script, v2

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