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Compatibility Reporter extension and its AMO page in desperate need of better localization



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7 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: Dave Garrett, Unassigned)






7 years ago

Both have the same short and long descriptions in English.

I, a guy making an extension in my spare time as a hobby, have my descriptions in multiple languages for Flagfox. Mozilla apparently doesn't?

Today I got an email via the support email address I provided for Flagfox, and it was in German. I don't speak German. I wish humans had a genetic memory for languages and I could just call upon the half of mine that has German lineage and be fluent, or at least half fluent, but I can't. Thus I resort to Google Translate. Part of the my reply pointed to the Mozilla Add-on Compatibility Reporter as the current "Official" recommended way to force installs... and its page is only available in English.

(I'll get a compatible version of Flagfox up today, I think, but this report is another matter)

I know for a fact that there are Germans somewhere here, which makes this a little sad, I'm sorry to say. :(

Please, can this extension get its short and long descriptions translated into a minimum of the following:
German, French, Spanish, & Chinese

Now, I thought this was where this bug report would end, but no, I just checked your chrome.manifest for version 0.6 of this thing. Your included locales are:
en-US cs it ja nl pl sk sl uk vi

No German or French. Really?

You support Italian, but the page still doesn't:

Please consider this a meta complaint about this extension's apparently lax support of l10n.

At a minimum, please drag a German speaking developer over to add translations to AMO and the extension ASAP. :/

Comment 1

7 years ago
Please, nobody consider this bug fixed until both the AMO page and current version of the extension support a minimum of the prior noted: de, fr, es, zh

Comment 2

7 years ago
I don't see this extension on Babelzilla.org. The Add-on Collector is and thus has loads more locales, including German... though its page is also not:

Comment 3

7 years ago
CCing fligtar, as he's listed on BZ for the Collector. Can you do something about this Compatibility addon, and also, what about the AMO page for the Collector?

Comment 4

7 years ago
Collector is bug 550470, it would be great to do both in one sweep.

WRT locales supported in the Compatibility Reporter, we currently have:

cs  en-US  it  ja  nl  pl  sk  sl  uk  vi

Comment 5

7 years ago
(In reply to comment #4)
I already have that same list, just with en-US first, in comment 0. ;)
Thanks for filing this.  In an effort to not drown in existing reports we're aggressively closing old enhancements and bugs to get the buglist to a reasonable level so we can scope and process bug sprints in an effective manner.

Patches for this bug are still welcome.
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2 years ago
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