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Move undo tabs/windows to the List All Tabs menu


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(I could have sworn that there was a bug on this already, but I can't find it — please dupe this if you know where it is)

Currently, we list the undo stack for tabs under the History menu. We already have a dedicated menu to work with tabs, the List All Tabs menu.

* Move the Recently Closed Tabs/Windows to the List All Tabs menu (should also be combined, see bug 565771)
* Make sure Tabs From Other Computers and Recently Closed Tabs are grouped together at the end of the menu
* Remove these menus from History
Do you have a mockup for this?
You were thinking about maintaining these items as separate submenus, rather than additional items in the actual menu, right?
Yes, simply moving the menus to the List All Tabs menu as-is would be a good first step.

Not sure if there are any complication wrt. combining undo windows stack with undo tabs stack, let me know once you've looked at the code?
Whiteboard: [target-betaN]
I might, might, be able to come up with a quick solution to the two bugs in time for the merge, but I need two questions answered:

1) Keyboard shortcuts. Should Ctrl Shift T be the only shortcut, and not discriminate tabs and windows, or should I keep Ctrl Shift W and have both work only on tabs/windows each.
2) Who would make a good, quick reviewer for this?
Things might get a little complicated here, as the undo-close-tab menu is specific to each window.

Assuming there are no security roadblocks in doing so, I'm guessing the best solution is to make the closed tabs list global, and restore any tab in whatever window has focus?
With this patch, the All Tabs menu looks like:

[List of Tabs]
Tabs from Other Computers (if available)
Recently Closed Items >
  [List of Closed Tabs from All Windows (first has the undo keyboard command)]
  [List of Closed Windows (first has the undo keyboard command)]
  Restore All Tabs
  Restore All Windows

Suggestions for improving that?  Should the lists be combined into a single list?  Should the "Restore All X" be placed in each section of the menu to differentiate which are tabs and which are windows?

Is the menu name acceptable ("Recently Closed Items")?  Should it be "Recently Closed Tabs and Windows"? Something else?

Should session store be checking for the old, separate stacks and dumping them into the global stack?  Suggestions on how to handle that migration?

Also, for restoring tabs from a global stack, there's a question of positioning.  The per-window stack would move restored tabs to their old index.  It's not clear how reliable that will be for a global stack.
If you combine tabs and windows, you'll go some way to fixing bug 565771.

limi, do we use the "pages" metaphor still? "Recently Closed Pages" sounds alright to me...

Not sure about the "Restore All X" items, IMO they shouldn't be there at all as I don't think they are used often and the keyboard shortcut makes it pretty quick to restore the stack anyway.

I'm not on the UX team though so don't take my advice as final.
This patch tries to strike a balance for bug 565771 by making the closed windows into splitmenus, with the children being the individual tabs.  

That may be overcomplicated, and I'm not sure if there's desire to let splitmenus used anywhere outside of the appmenu area.

The alternative would seem to be to include the tabs separately from the closed window in the Recently Closed list.  The issue is differentiating them from closed windows while still showing the relationship.
Gives some idea how the splitmenu experiment patch looks in use.
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