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Versions mockup missing several fields


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Example of our current page:

The new mockup:

The current page has:
- ability to add localized release notes
- ability to edit the license for that version
- an "approval notes" field

-> chowse for mockup alterations
(In reply to comment #0)
> The current page has:
> - ability to add localized release notes

The Release Notes field will be localizable in the same manner as other DevTools pages: by using the locale field in the top-right corner of the page:

> - ability to edit the license for that version

Discussed in bug 580031. Per-version license editing is going away; you can only change the license of the current version, using the "Manage Authors & License" page:

If we preserve the license on this page, it should be read-only. There could be some UI here for admin changes, but I'm not sure if there's a frequent-enough need for it.

> - an "approval notes" field

I will add this.
Update mock:

Two questions:

* Any insights into how much or what kind of content the 'Approval Information'
  field can contain? I wasn't entirely clear, so I just copied it verbatim for
  the moment.

* Does 'Approver Notes' need to be a part of the New Version workflow?
I think the read-only license looks good.

Approval notes is for if a reviewer needs to have something installed to make the add-on work, or if they need a user/pass for a site, etc.  It's unlimited length.  It should be a part of the "new version" workflow.
How about the 'Approval Information' part: the one with file submission and approval dates? Will it list that info for each file? If a file/version hasn't been approved, what will it display?
that info is displayed regardless of approval status.  It should also be editable at any time for any version.
Editable? I don't think we're talking about the same thing here. I'm not referring to the 'Approver Notes', but the 'Approval Information' seen here in the current DevTools:

And here in the new mocks:

I think it might make more sense to have that information up in file table at the top of the page, but I'm just not sure what information can show up there (besides what's shown in the version you linked to).
Oh.  That is not...pretty.  The file id?  really? heh

I think the only thing that could change there is the (ALL) - which could change to the platform specific options like Windows, or "Public" which could be sandbox, etc.
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Alright, we've had the file id this long, won't hurt to keep it around a little more.  If someone gets a bright idea for what to do with that row, let's chat, otherwise -> Fixed.  Thanks.
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