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Dragging multiple extensions into a browser window, only installs the first one


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When multiple extensions are dragged into a browser window, only the first one will be listed in the software install dialog to be installed. The other ones are getting dismissed.

1. Download at least 2 extensions (or themes)
2. Drag both extensions from the file manager
3. Drop them onto a browser window

After step 3 the software installation dialog will popup but only lists the first extension.

That is not a recent regression, and also happens with Firefox 3.6. But I wasn't able to find an already existent bug.
This has always been the case for the browser's content window though it should work on the add-ons manager. I forget where the code is that handles the DnD of xpi's on the content window but it definitely is not in the add-ons manager code.
Duplicate of this bug: 629168
Almost dupe of bug 92737, but there would be some more room to improve after it's fixed.
Depends on: 92737
To be clear, once bug 92737, multiple tabs are opened for each extensions.
and each tab has notification to install the extension.

looks like the notification popup is designed to be able to handle multiple installs at once,
we might be able to merge those notifications into one.!topic/

the feature to install multiple xpis at once seems to be going to be dropped.
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